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Bang for your buck

Posted on: 4th May, 2015



We recently had what we call one of our ‘ideal’ clients who   want us to provide several things for their conference. These are our ideal clients purely for the fact that we can give them more ‘bang for their buck’ and incorporate a lot of different aspects of what we do.


There are a number of benefits such as economies of scale that event managers are able to utilize when clients have larger requirements for their events. The main economy of scale being suppliers as ordering multiple products from a supplier allows a reduction in delivery costs, labour and set up costs compared to a one off product supply.


While you may often think that you are able to save your budget by allowing an event manager to only partially manage your event, this is often not the case. It actually takes a lot more effort from the event manager, client and not to mention suppliers as we are not all getting the ‘big picture’ and this can lead to a disorganized event and things to slip through the cracks. The effort required to partially manage an event is much larger compared to a fully managed event which often means that management fees are similar.


Tip of the day: In your planning, brief your event manager on the big picture and then decide what parts of your event you wish to outsource. This is where they can advise you on economies of scale and options. You may find the savings they can make cover having them manage more of your event. They will go above and beyond for you wanting the best result possible for you.


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