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Deloitte’s Got Talent

Posted on: 4th May, 2015

For the past 8 years we have been involved in the – Deloitte Grad induction event. This year we provided a team building activity, their grad induction dinner and the entertainment for the night. The entertainment needed to involve as many of the graduates as possible. So in a joint effort our team and Deloitte came up with the concept of a talent show.


2 days prior to the talent show which we dubbed ‘Deloitte’s Got Talent’ the graduates were put into their office region teams and were told that they would need to perform an item, supply music and get costumes all within 2 days if they wanted to impress the ‘celebrity’ judges.


The celebrity judges were Simon Cowell, the Hoff, and Sharon who were played by two Deloitte partners and their guest speaker. This added the element of surprise but also generated a huge laugh with all the grads.


Our entertainer Aaron was awesome and got everyone involved from start and finished off on a high by getting 120 people up on stage dancing to up town funk.


The overall performances on the night were phenomenal, especially considering the short amount of time they had to rehearse and pull it all together. The teams were extremely competitive with each other, worked well as a team, and the best part was that everyone got involved and excited which helped to encourage the spirit of grad induction.


Our top tips for running a successful talent show:


  1. Hire a professional DJ as we got all forms of music on the day and having a DJ who was able to handle all the requests was a huge benefit and allowed the show to run seamlessly.


  1. Allowing teams to only have a short time frame to create their performance stopped procrastination and people getting creatively stuck


  1. Having an event manager to keep the performances within the specified time slots and have all the teams performing continuously.


  1. Lastly, having a professional entertainer as host/mc, as he will create a lot of hype and bring energy to the night. It will also give the teams a little bit of a confidence boost to perform themselves.
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