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Planning a corporate function? Avoid the pitfalls with a professional event planner

As event planners, we’ve learned what can cost you sleep when planning a corporate function. It might be as simple as ‘will everyone have a good time?’ or ‘what is our wet weather back up plan?’

Whatever those concerns, we are here to take them on board and ensure your event runs smoothly, to time and on budget.

There are many reasons for holding a function: you may wish to celebrate a big win or mark an anniversary; perhaps you want to thank clients for their custom. Whatever the reason, the success of the event will reflect on your business, so it’s important that things go to plan.

As event planners, it’s our job to ensure your corporate function runs smoothly and objectives are met.


MotivactionMotivactionMotivaction. 12 August 2011team event with red yellow themered and white themered and white theme with lightingdancing with props eventDJ event with yellow lightpinano performanceMotivaction. AMP xmas functions 2011. Photo: Gareth Cooke/Subzero GroupMotivaction. AMP xmas functions 2011. Photo: Gareth Cooke/Subzero Grouppacific dance event


Now, about those concerns….

Will everyone have a good time?

Nobody wants their party to fall flat. One thing we’ve learned over the years is that there is no such thing as a typical function. Every business is different — what might be a hit for one could easily fall flat for another. Therefore, as event planners, it’s important that we understand your company’s people and culture.

We have extensive experience in the team-building industry and, as a result, developed a good sense of what makes people tick.

When planning your event we will ask questions like: What do you want to achieve? What have you done in the past? What did you like? What worked and what didn’t?

Understanding your people and what you want to achieve enables us to recommend appropriate themes, venues, menus and entertainment.

The devil’s in the detail…

Ensuring your function is appropriate for the audience is a great starting point. Beverage and menu selection is an important part of making your function a success and work with you in selecting the menu so that everyone has enough to eat during the night. Sometimes it might be a better option is to provide tapas or roving-tray food. Other times a seated meal is the way to go. Also, though cocktails might sound like a great idea, one cocktail on arrival is can give the Wow without the headaches a night of cocktails might bring.

Making sure the event runs to schedule

Have you ever been to a function where the meals are served late, resulting in the entertainment starting late and the waiting staff clearing plates during speeches? As event planners, it’s our job ensure this doesn’t happen. In many ways we’re like production managers. When planning an event we put together a run sheet that enables us to monitor proceedings and make sure everything runs to schedule.

The Events Group

We don’t supply an off-the-shelf solution. We create events that enhance your brand and company culture. Every event has a different look with all the elements (lighting, food and beverages, entertainment, place cards, invitations, etc.) cohesively pulled together to support your company brand.

We have been in business since 2003. During this time we’ve organised hundreds of events for thousands of people. The knowledge and experience we’ve gained over the years has been invaluable and allows us to avoid the pitfalls so that your event runs smoothly, on budget and meets objectives.

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