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An incentives company for creating special experiences

How do you motivate your team and clients? Recruiting an incentives company to create incentives for staff, distributors or clients is often a good way to keep everyone focussed on your business’s objectives.

We’ve created many incentive activities over the years, from overseas trips, sailing on America’s Cup yachts, wine tasting to All Black test matches.

Of course you could organise all this yourself, so why should you use an incentives company?


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Time is money

We’ve all heard the saying “time is money.” Well, organising any event takes time and that time is costly if it keeps you away from running your business.

Negotiating supply agreements, checking paper work and knowing just where everybody should be and what time they should be there… these are just some of the many tasks we will manage so that you don’t have to.

Special experiences

Every client is different: their people, their culture and their goals. This is why we strive to create special experiences that you can’t buy off a shelf, unlike those who use providers with set packages.

With external providers of an activity, we work with them to tailor their product to suit our clients. For you this means an experience that matches your needs and maximises your budget.

Achieving your objectives

We have been in business since 2003. Our experience over the years, particularly in the area of Team Building, has given us a good sense of what works for different groups of people.

However, we don’t rely just on instinct. It is important that any activity is in line with your business’s objectives, so we will ask those questions: Who will be taking part? What do you hope to achieve? What activities have you done before? What worked and what didn’t?

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