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MotivAction Team Building

 A Nationwide Team Building company offering unique Corporate Team Building activities, Fun Team Building games and stimulating Leadership Team Building challenges

Great teamwork helps in achieving solutions for the most difficult situations in organisations and encourages people to perform more effectively. If you are looking to build a great team, the foundation lies in selecting the right approach and planning a team building activity that gives results. However, a team building activity should be chosen carefully to deliver benefits to the organisation and team members, otherwise – your activity can be a hit or a miss! Therefore, we are here to help you to find the most beneficial team building activity for your staff which meets your objectives, saves costs and avoids pitfalls. Our expert team specialise in planning, implementation and the successful delivery of events to ensure your staff is encouraged to participate and get the best out of our team building activity.

We are proud of the MotivAction Team Building brand and that it is a name that has been known in the corporate world since 1993. Our extensive experience working with a wide range of teams comes to you, our clients, in every job we do and the results we achieve. Talk to us about what you are trying to achieve and we’ll come up with a solution together.

Corporate Team Building Activities:


The ultimate team extravaganza – A fast paced top team event with a range of activities in a round robin format.

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Lip Sync competition

Dance & Lip Sync competition – a great teams event, ideal for a midwinter teams activity. Is this your conference after dinner entertainment?

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The Amazing GPS Race logo

The Amazing GPS Race takes you on a mystery tour whilst enabling you to enjoy a fun event with your colleagues.

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Classic team activity or variety of events making up the whole day with team challenges galore!

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Interactive quiz team building activity

Interactive quiz – a great before or after dinner activity in true MotivAction style.

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Team building challenge - Urban video

Take the camera and create a video with your team, there’s a few twists and turns along the way with this!

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Team building activity - News live at six

Get the Scoop! Your teams are reporters with a breaking story to hunt down and report on. This is a great vehicle to reinforce new initiatives, branding or new products.

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Fun team building event - Rummage to Runway

Take Wearable Arts, your team and a taste of the great Couture houses of the world and you will have a catwalk show which will be unforgettable!

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Fun team building activity - What a Production

Lights, Camera, Action…. Your team is now a production crew creating a commercial or film or television trailer.

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Team building activity - Charity challenge

Your teams complete challenges in an Amazing Race type activity which earns them points towards winning items and donations used to support your chosen charity. You may choose to give back by giving time … look further

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Team building activity New Zealand - Survivor

Teams become Survivor Tribes working together through a variety of challenges including a cryptic treasure hunt.

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Team building activity - Bangers and Mash

A day of conferencing and teambuilding in theme – military uniforms, dogtags, medical stretcher races, the options are endless

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Cust TB Logo

Feel like you have done it all? We will come up with a custom team building option for you – let us loose to see what we can design for your team!

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Fun Team Building activity - Cocktail Challenge

Cocktail Challenge – a great pre-dinner or conference mix and mingle activity.

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A pick’n’mix of some of the best Auckland has to offer…

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Team building activity Auckland - Team Sail Incentives

A Sailing challenge for your team  – an experience that will not be forgotten and will inspire your crew to achieve that competitive edge both in the business arena or on the race course.

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Fancy yourself as the next in a long line of Celebrity Chefs? Check out this menu …

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Art Challenge Logo

Bring out the budding artists in your team. A great option for a weather-safe winter activity.

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Our approach to Team Building

As a Team Building company we’ve learned that there’s a big difference between placing people outside their comfort zones and making fools of them.

Team Building is not about making someone do something that terrifies or embarrasses them.

We encourage participants to make their own decisions and not do anything they really don’t want to do. Once you take the pressure off, we’ve found that people are much more likely to take part and often surprise themselves and their managers with what they achieve.

Team Building Activities – Tailored to your needs

No two businesses are the same; therefore, we don’t work to a set formula. All of our activities are tailored to your company’s goals, people and culture.

It is important that we understand what you want to achieve, so when planning an activity we will ask: What are your goals? Are there aspects of your company’s culture you want to improve? What have you done previously? What has worked in the past and what didn’t?

We’ve now been in the Team Building industry since 2003. Since then we have organised countless activities for thousands of people. Our experience over the years has given us a good understanding of what makes people tick and how certain groups respond.

Creative Team Building

We have created many types of activities, both physical and creative. However, we’ve found that our clients often get the most value from creative activities. Allowing your staff to be creative, like making a video, is often a good way to see how they view your business, their jobs and the market place.


We love what we do

We love living vicariously through our clients. When a participant, who initially is tentative, disengaged or downright unhappy to take part in an activity, tells us that it was the best thing they’ve ever done and had so much fun, it’s impossible not to love what we do.

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