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Winter Team Building Activities

Posted on: 21st May, 2015

With winter fast approaching you may be feeling a little frozen on what you can do with your team that will keep them warm and dry inside.


Here are a few of our interactive indoor team building activities we offer:


  • Lip Stars Music Videos: Ever fancied yourself being Beyonce, Justin Timberlake or even Michael Jackson, well now is your chance. Your team will be given a tablet where they will need to get creative and create their own music video.


  • What a Production: Our Events Group team will guide you to become a production crew creating a commercial or film/television trailer. You will each be given a tablet and then our Wardrobe, Props and Art Department aid in the production of your masterpiece. This is a great team building activity to reinforce key messages, introduce new initiatives or for just bringing out hidden skills and talents within your team. Viewing of the final product is done on the day and can, if required be part of an after dinner activity/awards presentation.


  • The Amazing GPS Race Museum and City style: The challenge is to locate the GPS ‘hotspots’ and navigate around the city or museum to crack the clues, complete the challenges and earn as many points as possible. Only when your GPS verifies that you are in exactly the right location will your team be able to activate the hotspot and attempt the challenge!

This event features:

  • A live scoreboard
  • Live course map showing the competitor’s locations
  • Fully customizable with company specific videos and photographic challenges


  • Interactive Quiz: Our Interactive Quiz is a great before or after dinner activity. This is developed for your team and to achieve your desired outcomes. We have all the regular round robin types with a variety of options such as:
  • Wine tasting
  • Quick fire verbal rounds
  • Company/product knowledge
  • Competitor knowledge
  • How well do you know your colleagues?


  • Wearable Arts Fashion Show: Take Wearable Arts, your team and the taste of the great couture houses of the world and you will have a catwalk show which will be unforgettable! Great for an after dinner activity, this can be tailored to reinforce key messages, showcase products or company/industry strategies.


  • Urban Video Challenge: Using our iPads your team will create a “Documentary” following a set of criteria provided. This can incorporate various modes of transport, locations and elements, which may be relevant to your business or new initiatives.


  • Cocktail Challenges: A great pre-dinner or conference mix and mingle activity. In teams the challenge is to create your own cocktail and mocktail complete with name and presentation


  • Team Art Challenges: Bring out the budding artists in your team. A team art project or individual masterpieces, this is a great team activity for the winter months. You will be surprised at the little known talent within the team and may well have to find more wall space in the office to enjoy the fruits of your labour.


  • Fancy Yourself as a Chef: Whether it be a mad dash to the supermarket to source ingredients for a canapé and wine tasting challenge or the full monte with a celebrity chef and a 3-course meal. Our culinary events are created just for your team.  Give us the brief and we will come up with options that will achieve objectives and result in a well rounded and well fed team!


  • Icing on the Cake: This activity appeals to the sweet tooth and creative person within you all in one go. After a hands on lesson in decorative icing you will get competitive and ice your own cakes or cupcakes, a great pre meal break activity – you get to eat your efforts – after judging of course.


We always aim to consistently deliver creative and cost effective events that will inspire and delight. If you have a brief on what you want to achieve we are happy to come up with a plan together so that it hits the mark.

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